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Trust Overview

Real Estate Overview

A private trust is a legal agreement that allows a trustee to hold and manage assets on behalf of one or more beneficiaries. The main benefit of a private trust is that it can provide a level of legal protection and management for assets that may not be possible with a will or other estate planning tools.

A private trust can be advantageous in many situations, such as;


Statutory and Non-statutory trusts are two different types of trusts that are recognized under the law.

When educating and coaching people about the value of a private trust, it is essential to emphasize that a trust can provide a level of control and protection for assets that may not be possible with other estate planning tools and operating in a statutory legal jurisdiction. It is also important to note that trusts can be customized to meet the grantor's and beneficiaries' specific needs and can be valuable tool for achieving financial and estate planning goals. Without a private Trust, an individual is forced to use a State created entity that is bound by the codes and legal script that creates voluntary servitude through a commercial matrix.

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Donations to the Trust

You personally donate your income to the private trust. And your other business endevours donates to the trust instead of paying you personally.

Donations to the Trust

You no longer have a personal income. The Trust covers your expenses in the form of an allowance.

Donations to the Trust

This Trust is a non-filing lawful entity. This is NOT tax evasion, it is tax avoidance through a legal shelter.
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