Life Insurance

The waterfall method, made Popular by the Rockefellers’. Simply put, it is using a trust to own all of the death benefits and possibly all of the policies. You contribute monthly or annually to your cash value life insurance policy.Depending on how much of your money you want to go to death benefit and how much you want to go to cash value, that will dictate how fast your cash value grows. In the meantime, as your cash value grows, you have access to about 90% of your cash value for emergencies or purchases you deem necessary for growing the family tree and net worth of that family.Whenever the family members get old enough, they can use these policies for retirement if the trust dictates that they can. When they pass away, the cash value goes into the family bank account to start new policies on the next generation. I’ve had a lot of clients that hear about this, and they want to get in on it.The problem is that most agents don’t know how or can not set up trusts, or they will set up policies for pure death benefit when the client wanted cash value. With Team All Insurance, we are a full planning firm and can create this system for you and your family with relative ease.

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